The Mantra

"Be alive; Think freely. Smile often. Tell those that you love that you do. Rediscover old friends. Make new ones. Hope. Grow. Give. Give in. Pick some daisies. Share them. Keep a promise. Laugh heartily. Reach out. Let someone in. Hug a kid. Slow down. See a sunrise. Listen to rain. Trust life. Have faith. Enjoy. Make some mistakes. Learn from them. Explore the unknown. Celebrate life!"

-P.M. Fitzpatrick

This is one of my favorite quotes and essentially how I live life--simply. What should you take from it? Don’t limit yourself! We all come from different backgrounds and have different life experiences that make us who we are. Your challenge is to be the best YOU that you can be! So dare to be a modern renaissance woman—challenge yourself in areas you are not familiar with, travel to places you have only dreamed about (if you have little money, than do it in your mind!), try a new activity with girlfriends, or a new food at a familiar restaurant. Learn about another culture or try on a fabulous dress! Read about what is happening in other countries or learn a new word in the dictionary. It is absolutely up to you!

I will cover everything a young woman faces today from my point of view—from Health & Fitness, Travel, Careers, Relationships, Culture, Politics/Current events to Fashion & Beauty. So if you are up to the challenge, hang on and enjoy the ride!

June 2010

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