Thursday, July 15, 2010

Travel: Weekend Getaway? Ladies, Pack Your Bags!

Summer is the time of festivals, concerts, road trips and beaches. Warm summer nights, frozen fruity drinks and great music all pull you closer to that goal of using some of your hard earned saved up “vacation time”. Don’t feel guilty thinking about your Christmas ticket home, or the 4 weddings you were invited to this year…just pack your bags and go! After all, you deserve it!

Of course when you travel you will connect with old friends--so you want to look your best. But that dreaded feeling hits you when it is time to pack, right?

Have you ever gotten somewhere and either under or over packed? I know I have! It is funny that for a 2 day trip some need a suitcase that rolls! I'm guilty--but now I can pack for up to 3 weeks in that same bag (and I have, trust me)

With that being said, here are some tips that have simplified my packing and kept me looking effortlessly chic:

1. M&M: When packing for a weekend getaway you always have to be organized and make sure that what you pack can be paired with multiple pieces—this way you can mix and match and create combinations that suit you. Try not to get stuck in “this comes as an outfit” mode— break it up!

2. Layers—seriously! Whether you are going to Costa Rica, or North Carolina you will need to pack a few layers just in case! A light cardigan, wrap, or blazer will keep you like the girl scouts—prepared (and stylish).

3. Versatility—bring pieces you can dress up or dress down depending on the occasion—if you choose right, the same dress could be used for the beach, dinner or for a night of dancing! You never know what could pop up when on vacation, so arm yourself with the right tools—a funky sandal, cute heels and of course some jewelry of choice!

4. A nice book (see blog) be it a travel book, a self help book or a novel—bring something just in case—and besides, you will gain a little culture while tanning your toesies ;)

5. Keep the foundation of your ‘fits (skirts, dresses, tops) basic, so you can spruce things up with accessories—remember that a colorful scarf can change a whole outfit!

6. Use lightweight and easy to pack fabrics--they will take up less space, and won't require ironing or any fuss-- try jersey, linen, or even seersucker

Okay, that is all for today. Have some fun in the sun (and get ready for fashion Fridays)!


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  1. Thanks Erin! So funny I'm packing today for a trip to NY and I forgot about the cardigan because it's soooo hot. But I'll pack it anyways just in case it cools down at night.


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