Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fashion Fridays: No More Skinnys!

Now as a woman, you know that one of the hardest things to shop for is jeans, right? We must check the fit on the waist, the hip, the thigh, and of course the derrière...then throw in wash and length and you are literally pulling your hair out! There never seems to be a perfect pair that fits like they were made for us...(unless you are one of the few who are lucky)

One thing to consider for a true perfect fit is getting alterations. If you find a pair that fit your ASSets but don't fit your waist, get them taken in. Or if everything looks good but they bunch up at your feet--have them hemmed. The general rule is to buy the size that fits the widest part of your body. Be sure to sit down and move around to see how they shift when you shift. Seems simple enough right? Another idea is to try multiple designers and find a designer that fits your body type the best--some labels are made for flatter figures (Chip & Pepper, Seven) where others are cut for the curvy chic (Gap curvy, Citizens, Joe's)...

Now while we are on the topic of jeans, another thing I am finding myself wearing less and less (like the smoky eye I mentioned here) are low rise cuts and skinny jeans! I am drawn to the refreshing high waisted, wide leg trouser as of lately (among others) and I suspect these will be on the rise this spring. Thought I'd share some of my favorites:

 Pintucked Wide Leg Trouser $79.50 1969 Curvy Jeans $69.50 Citizens of Humanity Lennox Tapered Loose Fit

Happy hunting (and goodbye muffin top)!




  1. I'm petite and curvy and the Gap jeans offer a nice variety. They have more options online than in-store. Great post! Lol @ the muffin top send off!

  2. i just bought a pair of trousers from the loft. They are very ill fitted and i didnt realize this until after i got home and actually wore them ;-( . But those gap jeans are on point!!! Thanxxx


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