Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fashion Fridays: Color Me Bad- Nail Colors for Fall

These days it is more and more common to see people showing off their natural, shorter nails in brighter and non traditional colors! How fun, right? But how do you know which colors would best suit you? You will have your answer soon...

*side note* I have never really been into acrylic both for the damage to your nails and the price. The cool thing about natural nails is that it doesn't have to be expensive and you can express your personality or mood through color far more frequently!

*Back to the point * Oftentimes colors are recommend based on skin tone (light, medium, dark), but I believe that is the wrong way. I think you should pick nail colors and consider your undertones-- the same way that you pick your makeup. For example, some people have yellow undertones, some have red, and some have blue.

My favorite brand of nail polish is OPI (in my opinion the best quality, best color range and the most original names guaranteed to make you smile).

OPI just debuted their "Swiss Collection" for fall....*side note* Every so often OPI comes out with new collections with an overall theme (like India or South Beach) but these themes really don't mean anything--just inspiration for naming the colors. I am convinced that the colors are not new, just old colors repackaged with new names!

I don't want to limit your interest in any of these colors so just scroll through and pick your favorites without any guidelines. Here are the 12 new colors for fall (note the "Swiss" names underneath):

Diva of Geneva . Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous . Glitzerland

I’m Suzi & I’m a Chocoholic . From A to Z-urich . Color So Hot it Berns

Just a Little Rösti at This . William Tell Me About OPI . Ski Teal We Drop

Yodel Me on My Cell . The Color to Watch . Cucoo for This Color

OPI retails for between $6 to $8 dollars a bottle at Sephora, Ulta or sometimes even the grocery store. If this is a little pricey (or you don't have access to these stores) you can go with some of the polishes at your local drug store. I have had great experiences with Sally Hansen's HD nail color, and Complete Salon Manicure (Fairy Teal shown at the very top)--they have a variety of great, long lasting colors and retail for between $3-$6.

I have recently taken to Milani's "Liquid Metal" collection shown below. "Ms Milani" (far left) is a beautiful pewter color that will work great for fall and retails for about $3-$5 at CVS. They also have a dope "neon line" that I hear lasts long too.

I'm sure you may be expecting some more guidelines on how to choose the color for you like "cool undertones stick to cool colors" and vice versa, but honestly now that I think about it--I don't think there should be any rules! Like I said consider your undertones, but don't limit yourself. Try out what colors you are drawn to or curious about and if it scares you after 48 hours--change it. If all 10 fingers being painted scare you--just paint a couple nails in each of the colors you are considering and wear them around for the day to see how you feel.

If any, there should be some guidelines on HOW to wear the colors. Colors can really enhance a look--and you have to decide if you want a bright pop, a metallic edge, or a classic look. What you want may change daily--and that's totally fine!

*quick example* If you are going out--try something edgy or funky--something you normally wouldn't--and if you hate it in the morning--change it! Or if you are going for a vintage look--try a bold traditional color like a deep red to set off your polka dots and pin curls.

*personal story* I was always scared of reds--but I tried a modern spin on red to go with a festive frock (OPI's "Cajun Shrimp" --similar to "Color So Hot it Berns") and after the initial shock--I loved it. So be adventurous!

Consider what look you are going for and take it there (including hair & make up). The important thing is that you love it--who cares about everyone else ;)

Happy painting!


P.S. Share you favorites in the comments


  1. "I am not a Waitress" OPI (red)

  2. Right on time! Just got some OPI colors that I ordered from Amazon... under $3 a bottle plus shipping :-) .... Moon over Mumbai (light gray), You don't know Jacques (mud), and hot & spicy (bright coral for my toes). Also love Sheer your toys (grayish lavender). -Veronica

  3. the neon is a good look. i want to live outside of the "fall box".


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