Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rose's Top 10 Clothing Tricks

Since that last blog on tips to make your wardrobe last was so widely popular, here is one more that I thought was pretty dope...

Once again, RealSimple.com is the website for Real Simple magazine--and has a plethora of ideas for Food, Home, Organizing, Beauty, Entertaining, Health, Work & Life! I took my top 10 clothing tricks from an article on there.

*Random* I will be entertaining this weekend --hosting a progressive dinner party for about 10 girlfriends so wish me luck! I will do a blog on entertaining soon and include some pictures from our fabulous fête!

Anyway, here they are--

Rose's Top 10 Clothing Tricks (as shared from RealSimple.com)

10. Has your deodorant left its mark? A baby wipe works to lift those hard-to-remove stains. But I bet you already knew that baby wipes get rid of almost anything...

9. Baby powder prevents sweat stains on white shirts. Sprinkle a little on the shirt’s underarms and collar, then iron. The powder forms a barrier that keeps oil and grime from seeping into the thread. I bet you have heard that but have not tried it yet--give it a go!

8. If a screw has already gone missing in your glasses or sunglasses, replace it with an earring for a temporary fix (and after the real fix, apply a coat of clear nail polish to keep that sucker there)

7. An emery board can remove small stains from suede. Gently rub the file (either side) a few times across a splotch to buff it away and refresh the nap.

6. Unstick a stubborn zipper by rubbing the zipper teeth on both its sides with a pencil (graphite is an excellent dry lubricant). Makes sense to me...

5. Traveling? Protect your nicest shoes from wear and tear by slipping them into a clean pair of men’s socks. I'm stealing some of his...

4. White vinegar makes wool sweaters fluffier: Drop in a couple of capfuls during the rinse cycle to give your wool cardis and pullovers an extra-soft feel.

3. Aluminum foil helps smooth out delicate fabrics that can’t take heat directly: Place a piece on your ironing board; lay the garment flat over it. Holding down the steam button, pass the iron over the fabric several times, keeping it three to four inches above the garment. Wet heat radiating from the foil will zap wrinkles.

2. Uh-oh, did your blouse just make the acquaintance of a fine Cabernet? Salt helps take red-wine stains out of washables. Stretch the fabric over a bowl, cover the stain with salt, and carefully pour boiling water over the area.

and my number 1 favorite trick...

1. Use an ice-cube tray to store jewelry. Trays can be stacked in a drawer for a multitiered alternative jewelry box.

Why didn't I think of that?

Until next time...


Pictures courtesy of RealSimple.com --for the full article
click here -->25 New Clothing-Care Uses for Old Things

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