Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beauty: Great Hair is Your Best Accessory

Ever notice how the Victoria Secret models wear basic T shirts and jeans and look amazing? One of the secrets is great hair!

Fortunately one of my really good friends is a former hair stylist (and genius) and she taught me some tricks of the trade. I thought I'd share one of my favorite hair styles--the S patterned wave/curl (bka the Taylor Swift look). This style is great for shoulder length to long hair.

I found this awesome video that goes through exactly what I was taught to do--

1. Use a 3/4 inch barrel to 1 inch barrel (smaller is better for this)
2. Curl very small sections
3. Pin curl with a metal clip to hold (shown in video)
4. Re-pin curl at night to keep for the next day!

Check it out (and to skip the fluff--jump to 2:36)

How to get Taylor Swift inspired curls
by Scott Wasserman, Professional Hair Stylist, DEX New York (he is in the video)

Here are the written instructions:

Starting with the back section, separate hair into in 1-2 inch sections for curling. Spray section with hairspray, comb through and wrap hair around curling iron barrel starting close to the root. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, allow hair to stay on iron for 10-20 seconds. Slide the curl off the end of the iron and re-coil the hair into the shape of the curl and clip.

o Allowing the hair to cool in the shape of the curl ensures for smooth, longer-lasting curls.

o To create extra texture and movement, use two different size curling iron barrels throughout the hair. Scott recommends using a 1-inch and ¾-inch barrel curling irons.

· Once all sections of hair are curled, clipped and cooled, begin taking out the first pins you put in.

· Once all of the pins have been removed, gently flip hair over and work your fingers through your roots -- do not work fingers through to the ends. Working your roots will gently separate the curls and create a more natural look.

· Gently flip hair back up and style front of hair, as desired. If you want to add more definition at the root, add a few more curls with the ¾-inch curling iron. "

*For shorter hair, you have to do a tighter pin curl and for longer hair

Happy curling!


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