Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beauty: Make-Up Kandee/Halloween Special

Happy almost Halloween!

Since one of the most festive holidays is around the corner, and people are making final decisions about the possible looks they will be creating, I thought this would be a fun blog. Make-up allows costumes to come to life, and I am going to share my favorite online tutorials by my personal favorite make up artist Kandee Johnson.

I never claimed to be a make-up guru because the truth is--I have no idea what I am doing! BUT a long time ago I discovered (and stuck with) an extremely talented professional. She goes by "Kandee the Makeup Girl"! You may have heard/discovered her.

Kandee does every kind of look you can imagine, and in a time where there are millions of "make up tutorials" by thousands of different people--this woman by far is the BEST!! Anytime I need a "look", I You Tube what I am looking for + "Kandee" and I find it. Her steps are easy to follow, she names all products that she uses, and the videos are to the point (she edits out all the down time). She even has her own blog (I posted a link at the end).

Check out some of my hand picked Halloween "looks" and 2 bonus Non-Halloween looks.


Snow White: (to skip her singing go to 2:08)



Princess Jasmine:

Mad Hatter:

Avatar Neytiri:

She has a great Pin-up Series (here is one):

Smoky Eye (one of my favs!):

Check Kandee Johnson out on her blog --> HERE

Let me know how it goes!



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