Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Travel: Puerto Rico!

Sometimes you don't know where you want to go--but you just want to get away, right? When I feel this way and start itching to travel again--I check out to see what last minute deals are out there from my city. Its like clicking the "I'm feeling lucky" button on Google!

So recently I was feeling lucky, and guess what came up for me (and within my budget)? Puerrrrto Rrrricoooooo!! YES! Puerto Rico or PR--the festive, sunny, island paradise is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and beautiful people in the world! It is a tropical climate (so weather is great almost year around), and is also an American territory--so no need for a passport (and your cell phone still works, no extra charge!).
PR is perfect for almost any group of people: girlfriend/guys getaways, group reunions, romantic escapes or family vacays.

The best time to visit (in my opinion) is when it gets cold where you live. Depending on where that is-- that could be October to March...That way you are escaping bad weather, not vacationing when it is just as sunny back home.

I got a chance to visit this October for a quick getaway and luckily I had a friend recommend specific tours so that we got the bang for our buck! Whether you are up for adventure, or just relaxing and don't want to spend a lot of money--PR may be the right place for you.

Here are my top 3 things to do while visiting:

1. Culebra (Island)--so your hotel concierge or travel agent will try to talk you into flying there and spending big bucks, but we found out that you can rent a car (price varies) and drive down to Fajardo, then take a ferry over to the island for around $2 US. We made it a day trip--just take the first ferry over and the last ferry back! Culebra has the absolute BEST beaches and snorkeling in PR. Plus you can see St. Thomas (U.S.V.I.) on a clear day! Flamenco Beach is where you want to be at--especially if you want to relax on one of the top rated beaches worldwide...

2. Old San Juan - Old San Juan, was originally founded in 1521, and contains carefully preserved examples of 16th- and 17th-century Spanish colonial architecture. It is truly a sight to see and many tourists make sure to go for souvenir shopping, an authentic Puerto Rican meal, or just to lazily walk around the beautiful city. It is uber safe--and it is easy to catch a taxi back to your hotel. More than 400 buildings have been restored and the bright colors demand that you stop and take a photo!

3. Bio-luminescent kayaking at Bio Bay in Fajardo- This exhilarating experience was highly recommended and was truly my favorite memory! As you kayak through a lagoon in total darkness, suddenly you see a mysterious blue-green light in the water every time you row--this light is created by micro-organisms which thrive in an environment uniquely suited to their needs and can only be found in about 5 places in the world--3 in Puerto Rico. Anytime the water is disturbed--the "bling bling water" as the locals called it, comes to life! I promise it isn't scary and is totally harmless--you can stick your hands in the water and make yourself glow! Fortunately it was a new moon when we went, and that is when the organisms are at their brightest. We went with a new company called Pure Adventure PR. They picked us up at our hotel, brought us snacks, took our picture, and took us for a 2 hour night kayak (I'm talking PITCH BLACK can'tseetwoinchesinfrontofmyface dark!) and it was about $65 US per person. The service was awesome.

Of course sipping Mai-Tais is also something you should do (but I would think that is a given!) We loved our time there! The people were friendly and very helpful and we will definitely be back!

If you have been to PR, feel free to share other great experiences, and things to do in the comments!

Hasta la vista!


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  1. I love PR! It's so under rated. It has everything you want in a tropical paradise, along with just enough comforts of home. It has something for everyone. Even if you could care less about a beach...go stay in El Yunca(If I remember correctly) the rain forest...its amazing.


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