Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fashion Fridays: Things I Love

The scarf...

Scarves are an essential to the simple chic woman’s closet—they add a pop of color or a fun print to your fit and can be used in every season. You can wear them with jeans and a tee, leggings and a tunic, or with a blazer and some skinnys. You can even spice up your dressier evening looks. As statement necklaces can be pretty pricey these days—scarves are a fun alternative!

I think every woman should own at least three-- nice neutral like a camel or a black, one in your favorite color and one fun print. They are a timeless trend, and always classy.

I was going to try to do my first how to video on my favorite ways to tie my scarves, but I found a few at, so why re-invent the wheel? Check out my faves and be sure to SHARE with your best buds!

The Ascot Knot:

The Figure 8 Knot:

The Infinity Wrap 3 ways:

The European Knot:

Bundle up--it is getting cold!



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