Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fashion Fridays: Things I Love- Pairing Soft with Hard

Pairing soft with hard...(feminine with edge)

This holiday season is all about the LUXE look. Sequins, lace, velvet and femininity with edge! Think old Hollywood glamour with a modern are some of my favorite pairings of the season...

1. Blush Tones with Black - I've been loving blush tones since the spring--they look great on every skin tone. Soft yet sexy. I'm sure you could tell with my last blog that I LOVE the new Bloomingdale's Holiday Style Guide that includes a perfect visual. Check it out:

2. Lace with Leather-but think girly non-traditional lace hues--like rose, or mauve with black leather. On top with a cropped leather jacket, or on the bottom with leather patch leggings like these available at for 105.16 (I don't like the shoes though!)-->

Dagmar Molly Black With Imitation Leather Patch Legging 105.16

3. Sequins with Smoky Eyes-old school sequins with new school styling. You can rock a vintage seqin mini dress from the thrift store, or splurge and get the one from my last blog -->here. For styling go with simple--a chic chignon, a clutch and a bangle...(see top photo, not this one for styling)

Speechless Dress, Sleeveless Jewel Neck Sequin Mini 59.99

Enjoy a little treat this weekend (if not buying a new piece, at least go window shop!)



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