Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beauty: Bodacious Brows with Sam Fine

So I borrowed this video from my sister, and I was blown away by the segment on eyebrows! It features celebrity make up artist Sam Fine and his easy to follow guidance helps even the most experienced of make up artists up the ante. Here is a little snip it that I found on Youtube so you know the secret!

He also covers how to "clean up" your brows with tweezers and added some finishing touches by dusting translucent powder over the top so they don’t look waxy, and by using clear mascara to brush the head of the brow to make it look more natural. If you are thirsty for more tips from this make up guru--you can purchase Sam Fine: The Basics of Beauty on Amazon.com for about $25—or you can just look up more free clips on you tube!

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  1. I will be tackling the brows this weekend! This video will come in handy!


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