Friday, June 18, 2010

Fashion Fridays: Monochromatic Mania

So this week, and really until I tire of it...I am loving monochromatic looks. Don't know what "monochromatic" means? It's everything in shades of one color or hue. When I think of monochromatic my mind immediately goes to Jay McCarroll--the winner of the very first season of Project Runway. Remember him? His winning collection looked something like this:

See what I mean? I know these looks are pretty extreme, so here are some examples of more ready to wear:

And here is one example of colors you can put together that compliment each other:

Can't find an accessory to "match" your outfit? A lot of times people try to match things to tie them in, but BREAK THAT HABIT!!! Adding a belt in a darker or lighter hue of the same color is a perfect solution. This is a fun way to have something compliment your 'fit, but not become too "match-y match-y". Other things to add depth--earrings, a necklace, bangles, shoes, sunglasses, or a summer scarf (but not all at once!) in different shades of the same color can come together nicely and I promise you will get lots of compliments!


P.S. Send feedback on what else you would like to hear about...

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  1. Wow! I just read another blog ( and he posted photos today of the new collections in Milan--Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, & Bottega Veneta ALL had monochromatic looks dominate the runway! That makes me feel great :)


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